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Sam Altman-Backed Humane AI Pin: Cutting-Edge and Forward-Thinking

Ever since the announcement of the Humane AI Pin, there has been speculation about its potential to replace smartphones. The device, featured in Time’s “Best Inventions of 2023,” was showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, providing insight into its capabilities. However, while the AI Pin offers a glimpse into the future of mobile devices, it doesn’t seem ready to replace smartphones just yet.

Designed by former Apple employees, the square-shaped screen-less device is currently available for pre-order in the US at $699 (approximately Rs. 60,000). Attached to the user’s chest with a magnet, it allows interaction through hand gestures and features a projector for displaying menus and other content on the user’s hands using Laser Ink Display technology. The device demonstrated various use cases during the hands-on session, such as providing information about cities and weather conditions, with the ability to pick up mid-air gestures for practical use.

One notable feature is its support for E-SIM, making it a standalone device capable of checking information, typing texts, and even pairing with smart speakers to play music via Tidal. The AI Pin boasts translation capabilities in about 50 languages and features small speakers for hearing and responding to the user. The company claims up to five hours of battery life, with the option to enhance it using a battery booster accessory.

The device includes a Single RGB LED light that illuminates to indicate its functionality when attached to the chest. Interaction is primarily voice-based, supplemented by a touchpad on the front. As suggested by its name, AI drives the device, managing everything from emails to text messages and reminders.

During the hands-on session, it was observed that the display on the palm was easy to read, and gestures like tilting and rolling the hand to interact were intuitive. However, Humane’s President and Chairman, Imran Chaudhri, clarified that the AI Pin is intended as a companion device rather than a smartphone replacement. It aims to minimize smartphone interaction by offering extensive functionality through voice commands.

Humane has expressed its intention to bring the AI Pin to India, citing significant interest from the Indian market. While discussions are ongoing, the device’s performance upon its scheduled release in March 2024 will be closely watched.

In conclusion, while the Humane AI Pin showcases innovative features and potential, it is positioned as a complementary device rather than a direct replacement for smartphones.