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Voltas Mega 70: Bring home this desert cooler to beat summer blues

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The summer season is fast approaching, and everyone is preparing for the scorching heat and rise in temperature. People resort to multiple alternatives for tackling the summer heat, and desert coolers are one of the go-to option for most Indian households. Some people think that coolers are ineffective during the summer, but they are an affordable option. Most people resort to coolers, as air conditioners are still considered expensive.

Voltas is one of the highly trusted names in India, and we will be taking a look at the Voltas Mega 70 desert cooler. It has multiple features, and is convenient to use. We take a deeper look at the product, and share our conclusion based on the features and functionalities on offer.

Basic features

The Voltas Mega 70 is built with solid plastic, making it strong and durable. It is not very heavy, and an empty cooler can be easily moved around with the help of the small wheels that are attached to the cooler. The white and grey colour scheme is minimal, and will fit into most homes. The stand is attached to the cooler that keeps it above the ground at all times. This ensures that you can clean the cooler without moving it around.

The tank capacity of the Voltas Mega 70 desert cooler is 70 litres. The 70 litre tank is capable of throwing cool air for 8–9 hours. The tank capacity is high, and it can also last you more than 1 day on low usage. You may need to refill the tank once in a day if you plan on using the cooler the entire day. However, it only requires 175 Volts. This ensures that the power consumption is low. The cooler can also run on the inverter, in case of power cuts.

The control panel on the cooler is also easy to use. The Voltas Mega 7 desert cooler comes with control knobs. The control panel is not complicated and can be used by everyone in the house. The cooler is user-friendly for kids and the elderly, as it is not complicated or highly technology-driven.

Special features

Smart humidity controller

There is a common belief that coolers can not function efficiently in coastal regions due to the high level of humidity. People tend to resort to air conditioners in these regions. However, the Voltas Mega 70 comes with a smart humidity controller that detects the level of humidity in a room and throws out cooler air to tackle that. It is best to keep windows and doors of the room open for a while to get rid of the humidity. The desert cooler manages the humidity in every room efficiently, making it cooler and more comfortable.

Motor with thermal overload protection

The motor is an essential part of a cooler, as it takes care of the cool air. However, with time, the chances of corrosion and overload are very common that can affect the overall performance of the cooler. This is not a pain-point of the Voltas Mega 70 desert cooler. The motor in the cooler comes with thermal overload protection that keeps the motor from getting overheated during long hours of usage. You can be at peace while using the cooler to beat the summer blues, but checking on the motor regularly can be a healthy practice.

Empty tank alarm

Using a cooler on an empty tank can be risky, and can lead to short circuit within the cooler. The Voltas Mega 70 has an empty tank alarm that lets the users know whenever the tank is empty. You can refill it, and enjoy cool air without worrying about any electrical faults. Additionally, the tank is anti-microbial that keeps away any germs and bacteria build up, ensuring cool and healthy air.

Large fan size with honeycomb pads

Coolers require pads to trap the water to ensure cool air. The Voltas Mega 70 comes with honey comb pads that are designed to retain the water for longer. You get cooler air and larger coverage with the help of the large fan size within the cooler. The Voltas Mega 70 can manage to cool any average size room within minutes. The large size of the fan ensures maximum air flow and circulation in every nook and corner of the room.


The Voltas Mega 70 desert cooler is excellent for people who want a complete cooling solution during summer. The cooler comes with multiple features, and utilizing all the features is not very challenging. It can be used and operated by people of all ages. Additionally, you get good warranty on the product. It does not require any installation. You can just bring it home, plug it in and start enjoying cool air.

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