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Exclusive – Daisy Shah on her fight with Archana Gautam: I forgot I was dealing with someone who only feeds on real life drama – Times of India

Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 is currently in the news as popular celebrities of the showbiz industry are showing their daredevil side, leaving their fans stunned. However, the show is also making headlines for various other reasons and one of them is Daisy Shah and Archana Gautam‘s rivalry.

Recently, in one of her interviews, Daisy Shah called Archana Gautam’s entertainment irritating and the latter did not stay quiet either and lashed out at her calling her ‘flop movie ki herione’.

ETimes TV caught up with Daisy Shah recently and asked her about her recent comment on Archana and their rivalry.
Reacting to the same, Daisy said, “First of all I commented about someone’s (Archana Gautam) nature which was extremely disrespectful towards a few contestants when we were shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 in South Africa which I did not appreciate personally. The contestants who participated in KKK or came on the show to perform and if you did not like someone’s performance I think you should keep quiet, and do not disrespect that person. There were one or two situations when she did this and then she got into an argument with me also. She then came and told me she could have done the stunts this and that way. I didn’t like that. I felt if she was so good at doing things then she should do stunts on everyone’s behalf and be proxy for all the contestants because you think so great of yourself.”
Daisy went on to call Archana as someone who loves to feed on real life drama, “I’ve never talked about myself or bragged about myself. It was my opinion like if tomorrow someone comes and tells me I don’t like this or that about Daisy I’ll respect that opinion, fair enough because their point of view. So when I said something about her (Archana Gautam) it is my point of view and that should be respected but that was not the case. I was wrong because I like to do drama on-screen as I’m an actor and it is my job. Hum movies mein drama karte hain hum real life mein drama nahi karte…but I forgot I was dealing with someone who only feeds on real life drama so what can I do about that. I am wrong this time because maine Ek Aise insaan ke baare mein bola jinko drama pasand hai… real life drama,” said the actress.
When asked if she plans to meet and clear the misunderstanding with the Bigg Boss 16 finalist, Daisy added, “No, I haven’t got time to meet Archana Gautam. She is busy with her life, I am busy with mine. If it is written in destiny to meet and discuss we will do it. It’s okay life goes on Kisi ke liye Kisi ki life nahi rukti… Aur Kisi ke bolne se Kisi ki life change bhi nahi hojaati, Meri toh nahi horahi.”

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