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‘Do you trust this’: Elderly men ride in a driverless car for the first time. Watch

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Sitting in a driverless car for the first time can be a strange yet exciting experience for someone. And these videos of two elderly men experiencing a ride in a driverless car for the first time in their lives shows just that. Their videos have been doing the rounds on social media and bringing smiles to people’s faces. Shared on Instagram, the videos show how the two elderly men, Kenny and Jerry, were surprised by a woman named Amanda Kline with a ride in a self-driving car.

“Riding in a self-driving car was an experience of a lifetime!” read the caption of the video shared by the elderly man who goes by Patriotic Kenny on Instagram. According to his Insta bio, he is an 81-year-old navy veteran from the United States. The video opens to show Kenny examining the car before getting inside it with Jerry and Amanda. As the video progresses, Kenny discovers the car is driverless and asks Amanda, “Do you trust this?!” An amused Kenny keeps on throwing several questions at Amanda throughout the video. Towards the end, he says, “I’ll never forget this.”

“Literally the RIDE of a lifetime in a self-driving car,” wrote Kenny while sharing another video of the fun ride on his Instagram. The video shows Kenny, Jerry, and Amanda enjoying their ride in a driverless car. Kenny, who still couldn’t believe his eyes, asked Amanda to take a picture of the driver’s seat.

Since being shared a few days ago, both videos have raked up hundreds of views. The shares have also accumulated a plethora of likes and comments.

Here’s how people reacted to the videos:

“What a wild experience for the crew. Amanda, you’re so awesome for taking Kenny and Jerry on adventures. If you ever bring them to Vegas let me know. Would love to meet you guys,” expressed an individual. Another added, “My favorite is when he says Oh Amanda.” A third wrote, “These two videos of these super sweet men in the self-driving car, have truly made my day. I haven’t stopped smiling from ear to ear since I started watching part 1.” “So wholesome. I hope they’re both doing great!” shared a fourth. A fifth posted, “This is the best video I have ever seen on social media. ”

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